Monday, December 21, 2009

erithacus rubecula.

robin pattern.

A2 two-colour screenprint (colour blend).

parus major.

great tit pattern.

A2 two-colour screenprint (colour to colour blend).

cyanistes caeruleus.

blue tit pattern.

A2 two-colour screenprint (colour blend).

passer domesticus.

house sparrow pattern.

A2 two-colour screenprint (colour blend).

go rocking robin!

love to print loves the winter time! and i got to have my rocking robin inspired designs across a range of formats: prints, cards and postcards (of which there is boxset!) and they are all lovingly hand screenprinted.

here is the A5 print with a nice combination of gold and raspberry. quite festive!

the print and card.

here is the wonderful postcard boxset, with cover design by gemma correll. the artists contributing are: sarah ray, helen entwisle, daisy whitehouse, karoline rerrie, gemma correll and claire lynch.

and don't forget robins aren't just for christmas! ;)

Friday, December 4, 2009

a hooting of owls.

i've currently been working on a birdy project involving pattern and screenprinting. and so, one must do as much printing as possible.

i drew an owl fellow (long-eared) and he was composed of four layers which i was able to play around with when i printed. whether that was to change the order in which i printed the layers, duplicating layers or missing out a layer in the composition. i wanted to see how then how the image looked, was it is still characteristically owly without all the detail in, and then how the colours worked together when the order was changed up.

the colours i used were yellow, orange, red and brown (i did a few with gold as well) and being colours of a similar tone and warmth i knew that whatever i order i would print them they would all work well together. i could print yellow on yellow, or yellow on red and get different results every time, and see how the colours change when overlapped.

the first owl is printed in the order yellow > orange > red so you get nice hints of colour and texture peeking through the flat red layer. the block red owl and brown line is really bold image, and is a successful colour combo.

the first owl i used two colours on the one screen to create a colour fade.

the first owl face i like the subtlety of the gold outline, and i like how strongly the yellow printed out against the yellow, printing out the lighter colour over the darker. they look like owls in camouflage!

the print is A3 in size, which is a bit larger than i normally work, so the change of scale was good to experiment with as well. i think using the owl image in repeat on that size scale would have a real strong impact too, it would make a nice wall covering.


cherry cherry boom boom.

tweet tweet peeps!

i'm still alive! and still printing!

i've got some owly treats to show, a limited edition set of four A5 three colour prints from the obsession zine. and they were exhibited cherry cherry, along with all the ltp ladies prints.

check out cherry cherry here:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

this is an obsession.

us love to print ladies are obsessing at the moment. our new zine 'obsession' is a feast of our drawing fascinations.

my double page spread features our feathered friends of the class aves, in the order strigiformes, from the family of strigidae and tytonidae. that's right. owls!

what a hoot.


more vocabularyness. they should include that in their revised edition.

what a palaver!

Monday, June 22, 2009

you give love a bad name.

just some word play i coloured in from a university project.

i love so many things i can only fit a few on here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it...

i paid a little visit to birmingham botanical gardens & glasshouses and proceeded to take lots of pictures of the peach-faced lovebirds!  so lots more birds to draw now.

bombs away!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

ode to the o.e.d.

words are wonderful!

just some typographical work for my last project, which ended up not being typographical at all!  but that's how it goes.  a celebration of letter forms and lexicon.  with the words taken from the oxford english dictionary's newest, revised and updated entries.


todos los derechos reservados.

Saturday, May 9, 2009



we got some posca pens at university, and we got a brief.  happiness.  let drawing commence!

the umbrella of happiness (only half done here).  and i went with a nice repeat pattern, obviously weather related, drawing on and umbrella and all (and it was raining that particular day)... happiness!

the spring and summer panels, and the joyful elements of the seasons...

autumn and winter and it's sights.

jellybeans make people happy (and i just wanted to draw on some pumps, these nice cheap and cheerful ones.)

ahh wasn't this fun.

Friday, May 1, 2009

can you?

simon peplow came into our university, way back now, in march, and he talked and then we all drew together!  we had a whole list of things to draw, in way of a challenge i suppose, to get out of our comfort zones.

so here be my sketchings (and they are rough mate)...

i can draw a bird on a unicycle.

a yeti, a mythical sea creature, two different animals stuck together, hello in an interesting typeface and disorganisation.

a mythical beast in a tree, and myself as a bird, and we're waving at each other.


that was a fun day.


Monday, March 16, 2009

shrinky dink rinky dink.

plastic that shrinks when you heat it!  pure magic! 

it's the first time i've used it, the results are alright.  the images looked squashed, and not proportionally, and some dip in the middle, but they have a nice matt finish, and small things are cute!

i just need to get the earring posts.


Friday, March 13, 2009



just a little update of some work in progress, or work not in progress, a wee A6 screenprint, it's just not quite right yet.  i need to change the owls, or the trees, and then maybe the colours, then it might work.  but owls are definitely the way forward!


Monday, February 16, 2009

the return of... bird girl!

the birds are back!

working on new stuff as you can see, and i just printed these last week.  i suppose they're not doing much at the moment, but i have plans for them, book plans.  i'll probably use these illustrations, and introduce some typographic elements, and put them all together in a folded book.

i introduced some colour to the line drawing, just by simply cutting out the paper shapes to expose on the screen.  i like the red with the brown, but i keep thinking they have baboon butt eyes!  colour and paper have to be considered more, but i'm excited about just doing more printing.

i quite like the idea of doing some large scale prints with the owls too.  using lots of brown, yellow and golden colours, so to keep the colours true to birds actual colouring.  i think trying different mark making techniques to introduce some textures and patterns into the prints would work quite well for this as well, something more feather like, because i'm normally all for the clean lines.  these are my thoughts and feelings at the moment, but i just have to get on with it!


no! i love you more!

hello there!

love to print has been zooming along, so it has.  this below, is my A3 print, an edition of 12, which is hanging up in the warehouse cafe in birmingham.  along with prints by claire lynch, karoline rerrie and sarah ray.  so they're up there, and ready for you to purchase, framed, or unframed.  i also produced a small run of the muffins on cards, which seemed to do alright too.

and now a little plug for the love to print blog, and it lives at this address:
so go and check it out!  yee has been posting away on it (and i should really too) but it is full of links and pictures and good stuff, so click away!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

you remember how we met?

more tart cards!   
more colour.  
more type.  
more pattern.

1 or 2.  3 or 4.

who knows?  it might be love.


boys and girls.

first post of the new year!  


got some new work to post.  (work that i've just handed in at uni, and i don't want to know the marks!)  we had to design tart cards as part of our project, that tied in with +plus, and well, really, mine aren't tart cards, just cards with slogans... but they look pretty!  and it was quite fun to do.  i drew them out by hand first, and coloured them in on the ol' computer, as you do.  when i draw in black all the time, you gotta burst out the colour at some point!

i was looking at lots of nice books for inspiration; 'hand job' and 'over & over' by mike perry, 'sweaty goolabs' by jon burgerman, and 'secret weapon' postcard book by linzie hunter.  all my precious letraset, and some fontalicious book from the library i forget the name of, came in handy too.