Monday, February 16, 2009

no! i love you more!

hello there!

love to print has been zooming along, so it has.  this below, is my A3 print, an edition of 12, which is hanging up in the warehouse cafe in birmingham.  along with prints by claire lynch, karoline rerrie and sarah ray.  so they're up there, and ready for you to purchase, framed, or unframed.  i also produced a small run of the muffins on cards, which seemed to do alright too.

and now a little plug for the love to print blog, and it lives at this address:
so go and check it out!  yee has been posting away on it (and i should really too) but it is full of links and pictures and good stuff, so click away!

1 comment:

MurrayMah said...

i really want a goddamn muffin now! especially one with eyes so he'll cry out in terror before i devour them!