Friday, December 4, 2009

a hooting of owls.

i've currently been working on a birdy project involving pattern and screenprinting. and so, one must do as much printing as possible.

i drew an owl fellow (long-eared) and he was composed of four layers which i was able to play around with when i printed. whether that was to change the order in which i printed the layers, duplicating layers or missing out a layer in the composition. i wanted to see how then how the image looked, was it is still characteristically owly without all the detail in, and then how the colours worked together when the order was changed up.

the colours i used were yellow, orange, red and brown (i did a few with gold as well) and being colours of a similar tone and warmth i knew that whatever i order i would print them they would all work well together. i could print yellow on yellow, or yellow on red and get different results every time, and see how the colours change when overlapped.

the first owl is printed in the order yellow > orange > red so you get nice hints of colour and texture peeking through the flat red layer. the block red owl and brown line is really bold image, and is a successful colour combo.

the first owl i used two colours on the one screen to create a colour fade.

the first owl face i like the subtlety of the gold outline, and i like how strongly the yellow printed out against the yellow, printing out the lighter colour over the darker. they look like owls in camouflage!

the print is A3 in size, which is a bit larger than i normally work, so the change of scale was good to experiment with as well. i think using the owl image in repeat on that size scale would have a real strong impact too, it would make a nice wall covering.


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