Sunday, December 21, 2008

this is how we do.

claire and i started printing for the 'love to print' project.  we got the ball rolling really, getting the acetates, exposing the screen, and then did a few tests.  things went swimmingly really, and one hopes it carries on in this fashion!

here are my designs on acetates.

and here be claire's.

this is the screenprinting bed, where the magic doth happen!

here is the screen, and there you can see our tiny designs.  see how the light comes through, this is good!

the choice of colour for the tests today.  (well it was already mixed!)

here the screen is locked in place.  the ink is ready and waiting to go!

see how claire works the squeegee (what a brilliant word!) with precision.

here is the print on the registration sheet, so we can line up them prints nice and smart.

my test print, and it came out rather pleasingly.  one of the f's was a bit patchy, but i shall live with that.

and claire's prints came out splendidly so too!

and here is where they live; the rack.

the end.

claire's blog lives here at:  (i shall tell her to get some work up there pronto!)

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