Wednesday, December 31, 2008

sweet talk 101

the end is in sight!  all my postcards are done, logos and all.  i really should be doing university work but you know!  now that the postcards are done though, i was just thinking about changing them, like i could've used patterned paper, or coloured paper, or just added a pattern to the design, colourpatterncolourpattern and so on.

the colours are practically glowing in the picture above, but this one is closer to what it's actually like in real life.

au revoir 2008.  bonjour 2009.


Fabric Nation said...

I've just bought one of these! In a box of 'I love to print' from Tatty Devine. I'm saving it to give as a present.

Sarah said...

i did not see this comment! oops!

cool beans! thank you very much :) i hope that the recipient liked it!