Wednesday, January 14, 2009

boys and girls.

first post of the new year!  


got some new work to post.  (work that i've just handed in at uni, and i don't want to know the marks!)  we had to design tart cards as part of our project, that tied in with +plus, and well, really, mine aren't tart cards, just cards with slogans... but they look pretty!  and it was quite fun to do.  i drew them out by hand first, and coloured them in on the ol' computer, as you do.  when i draw in black all the time, you gotta burst out the colour at some point!

i was looking at lots of nice books for inspiration; 'hand job' and 'over & over' by mike perry, 'sweaty goolabs' by jon burgerman, and 'secret weapon' postcard book by linzie hunter.  all my precious letraset, and some fontalicious book from the library i forget the name of, came in handy too.

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